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Customer care

Customer care

We accompany all of our clients to position the right product at the right place and provide technical advice throughout our services

Propose the right variety

Each seed is different, and the highest performing varieties will never have the same outcome depending on the soil or valley. Our field engineers, with their knowledge on varieties and growing conditions (soil, climate, pratices), yielding destinations, can choose the most adapted varieties. Their experience is crucial in optimising selection work, tests and research done beforehand.

The right place

Our sales field teams run over 3 800 operations each year with our network of over 1 000 distributing partners, to present and select the best varieties of our portfolio, depending on the local situation. Furthermore, our field teams cooperate with over 3 000 licensed farmers and breeders to exchange their knowledge and their experience to increase our product range and services to better accompany our clients around the world



in Europe



Worldwide sales


Sales representatives,

Marketing specialists, and agronomist for customer care


Field operations

Trials, demo, survey, services with farmers and distributors every year


Million hectares

grown with MAS Seeds genetic



Outside France


New department

to expand our activity outside of Europe


Major species

and mixtures available

Work with our clients in 12 subsidiaries and over 50 countries

Our agronomists are continually informed to give you reliable products, services and agronomic advice